About The Artist

The Gnomes I create are inspired from the rich Scandinavian traditions and my passion for genuine craftsmanship. Each one is carefully made with all natural materials and very often with repurposed beautiful finds that will ad history to what have just been created. 

Born in Borås, Sweden, Ann Högsten Anderson was influenced by natural Nordic beauty at an early age. Being surrounded by the purity of nature inspired Ann to work with her hands to create objects that represent the character of her Nordic heritage.

After spending her childhood in Sweden, Ann followed her love of all things beautiful to Rome, Italy, where she attained her degree in fashion and textile design from Accademia di Costume e di Moda. While pursuing her fascination of the world of design, Ann was able to travel throughout Europe and experience a variety of cultures and artistic influences.

Marriage brought Ann to the Virgin Islands where she, her husband, and their son resided for several years. While the islands were immensely different from her European roots, she was once again in the midst of natural beauty.

Ann and her family have called South Florida home for the past twenty five years. Ann credits her creativity with the strong inspiration she gained from the different places she has lived and traveled. “Wherever I live I find it fascinating to learn about the traditions and culture, it gives a sense of stability and makes you feel at home no matter were you are”.

NordicGnomes emerged from Ann’s Swedish roots and the age-old folklore about gnomes and fairies that was passed down to her through the generations. “I have a passion for history and to keep traditional handcraft alive” Ann says. She prides herself on incorporating her clean sense of natural and beautiful design into each of her handcrafted gnomes.